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Friday, December 25, 2015
Ass-U-Me ... Never assume anything!

"I can see you're tired of the monotonous life. That's why you write such posts. It's written in your profile you have a husband, but deep down you are alone, I assume. Are you bored. Why don't you give birth to children? This will be a great step forward and nice change in your life. I wish you all the best." This was a comment left in a post I wrote last year I think. I thought it was humorous that someone would come to this conclusion. I'm not sure if the poster meant the comment for me or someone else but really, when making assumptions perhaps one might keep them to themselves.

Posted at 12/25/2015 5:32:31 pm by WhisperedWords
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Merry Christmas!

Nothing more to add... Just Merry Christmas!

Posted at 12/25/2015 5:23:37 pm by WhisperedWords
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Saturday, May 17, 2014
When did clothes sizes become so confusing?

I need to go outside and pull weeds and prune plants. However, I took an 11 year old shopping for clothes today. I believe I deserve to just sit here!! It started off trying to figure out what size pants to get her so that when she bends over she doesn't have a plumber's pencil holder showing. Then once we found shorts that fit her there was the matching shirt. This took nearly three hours. Both of us were thirsty so we stopped at Starbucks. I got a coffee she got water and we were again on our way when we were stopped by nursing students offering to do my blood pressure for free. I politely declined at first and explained I was shopping with my grand daughter so it was probably high. However, I ceded and let it be done because how will they learn if everyone says no?

My blood pressure was high but nothing to be alarmed about. We started to leave the mall when I asked my grand daughter if she had the bag with her new clothes. She said I never gave it to her! I not only gave it to her I did so multiple times. They are HER clothes SHE can carry them!! She immediately ran back into the mall in search of the bag and now I could no longer even see her! I was frantic! Did I say my blood pressure was high because of her?

She found the clothes and we were off again to find sandals. She wants to wear flip flops to school and got mad because I wouldn't let her. They didn't seem appropriate attire for school. I sent them an email and asked and was told she can wear sandals with the strap in the back. Last stop.. thrift shop. Since she wanted to be dressed up she had a dress on and would slip between the cart and racks of clothes to try on shorts. She found a pair that fit and insisted she didn't have to try on any more shorts... but I made her try on a pair she swore would fit because the other size 6's fit. Surprise! They were too small! So I went up a size and they were too big but another pair in size 7 or 8 did fit.

I swear they size clothes now so women will buy them. You want to be only a size 6 so they've marked an 8 as a 6??? I don't know but I liked when she was younger and I could go look for a girls size 10 and it would fit but that is no longer the case. I get a lot of clothes for her from the thrift shop. She lives with her dad but comes to my house every day in the middle of the night so he can go to work. Consequently, it's just more convenient if we keep clothing for her at both houses. That gets expensive if I bought them all at a store. Plus, this thrift store very often has brand new clothes that the stores couldn't sell. So, it's money saved for me! And she gets new clothes.. can't get better than that!

I need to put pictures of the puppy for Diedre... but it didn't work. So maybe I can post it somewhere and post a link to the picture?

Posted at 5/17/2014 5:34:06 pm by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014
The Puppy Cure

I have been thinking it would be nice to get another puppy. My daughter was thinking she might want another baby. She solved both issues. She got the puppy and I babysit it on the days she works and I have her two children as well. Turns out the puppy wasn't as old as they said so she's a bit young to be away from its mother. Consequently my daughter is running on very little sleep. Just like a newborn it sleeps, cries, pees, poops, cries and sleeps more. She is content to wait two or three years to have a baby and for a few weeks I have a puppy around the house.

It's definitely a win situation for me cause I'm sleeping at night!

Hope your lives are filled with things that warm your heart.

Posted at 5/13/2014 9:30:32 pm by WhisperedWords
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Friday, May 09, 2014
Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dang... I accidentally deleted my post! Better luck next time I suppose. It was a busy day filled with diversions and dogs. We went to the pound. The problem with going to the pound is that you want to save the dogs and you even can really, really want one or two ... or four. But that doesn't mean a dog will be good around your children or grandchildren. It was hard to leave them behind and even though there were four my daughter really liked, two she loved and one she really really wanted she ultimately had to leave them behind rather than take home a dog that could hurt here daughter. They are up front with letting you know if a dog is okay to have around children. Oh well, her dream dog will cross her path sometime.

Even I saw a dog I really wanted.. a young one but the previous owners said not to have it around children. I babysit three grandchildren. The youngest being a year and a half so I have to take that into consideration. Oh well. I need to quit coming across these dogs that need homes because I'd save them all if I had the means to!

Posted at 5/9/2014 8:49:48 pm by WhisperedWords
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
A Song That Lifted My Spirits

It had started out to be a rough day.... again.

Every time my grand daughter comes home from her mother's house she suffers from a lack of respect. This time we've added to it that this family doesn't like her and she refuses to do what she needs to do unless we comply.


This made for a very grumpy grandma!

But before the day ended I was reminded that there is always something good to the day, a friend that reminds you of important things... Thank you D.!

Posted at 4/30/2014 9:20:07 pm by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Venting.. till I feel better.

I periodically threaten to come back and start blogging again. Not that I have much to say but there are things I don't want to write on Facebook. I have often felt like a ship adrift in the sea over there but it's a nice place to keep in touch with family.

I have a friend that doesn't like republicans. I have a friend that doesn't like democrats and I believe everyone is ENTITLED to have their own opinion. What I don't happen to think people are entitled to is to be mean or rude in their judgments. I don't think anyone is entitled to try and MAKE people see your side if you are unwilling to give thought to what that person believes. Debate is a two way street .. not MY way.

For example, person A believes in a fair wage because wages have gone down. Person B questioned that idea since wages can't go below minimum wage and Person B pointed out that while wages have NOT risen the costs of goods have risen which makes it seem as if wages have dropped. The next thing I know, Person A and her boyfriend where posting THEIR beliefs and maybe I'm wrong but it felt like they believe they are right and damn anyone that doesn't agree. And that.. makes my heart very heavy. Especially since, when Person A and I were first friends she was far, far more compassionate of other people having differing opinions and was faster to agree to disagree than to just argue and belittle people.

No matter your difference of opinion you should still be able to have these discussions with an element of respect for the other person. If you don't you won't ever have a chance of persuading a person to change their beliefs even if they are wrong. But, you should be equally willing to change your own opinion if you might be wrong.

I had defended a statement someone made regarding there being communities where people choose not work. Instead they'd rather live on the government dole. I find that while this isn't true everywhere there are places that entire families live on welfare. It's what they grew up with, it's what they know. It's like a well intentioned plan needed a little more thought because the object of welfare should be to help the poor up into a job, and climbing the ladder to success. This of course excluded disabled and elderly. This was strictly meant for able bodied people that need help to work and start at the bottom to work their way to the top. I explained that I have seen this first hand. Able bodied people that choose to live homeless. Able bodied people choosing to live on welfare, believing the government owes them that. I used to believe in welfare until I've seen people turn down food offered to them because they wanted money to drink. I've SEEN this. Again, it doesn't mean that all homeless or people on welfare are this way but there is that element that choose it. And there are others that truly need it and then there are some that don't know where to begin to get on their own feet. You learn that growing up.

Her response? "Maybe where you live people are lazy but in California people aren't lazy." I took offense to that for two reasons. My FIRST encounter with this was in California!! The other is because she didn't want to see beyond her nose but would rather put down an entire group of people in a certain area. Yet I've lived in more than one state in this country. This is a country wide thing and she could dismiss it by calling people lazy. I suspect they aren't lazy. I suspect they need taught to fish rather than be given fish!! So, to me.. don't just dismiss and label people! TEACH them!

It's also about an innocent comment I made about so many people simply complaining about the situations life hands you. Instead of complain find a way around it, fix it.. do something positive. I included things I'd complained about.. one of which was the price of gas. So, either adapt because you want to drive, or find alternate means of transportation. Offense was taken to that and this person is fighting to get energy changed and she's making progress yet they don't want to sell their car and spend the money for an alternate fuel car. However, They will blast the fuel companies when prices rise. I've lived in Europe. Our gas prices are relatively low compared to some other places! I get that she's disabled and needs to be able to drive. So am I. But I'm not claiming progress on an issue that I'm not even willing to budge on! I want to drive therefore I'll pay the higher gas prices whether I like it or not. I can't afford a different car at this point so.. my idea is, figure out a clean, safe way to harvest fuel in our own country until alternate fuels are more cost effective and available but they are against that. So.. pay high gas prices and shut up! My neighbor was reading her posts cause basically she was arguing with herself since I truly wasn't even posting to her.

What got me started on that last post about complaining was something regarding genealogy and the people complaining at that particular moment. It wasn't about this woman or gas prices but she MADE it be about that then argued with herself.

So, I guess since I have vastly differing opinions I will stay out of Facebook other than to say hello to my family, keep track of genealogy information and play a few games when I'm bored. That's all it was ever meant to be.. it wasn't there to make a political statement for me. I can write about that here. Better yet.. I can vote for what I believe in. But if ever I'm simply being rude to someone because their opinion isn't in align with my own.. please tell me to shut up!

And I won't look up old friends!! That's what started this.. I found my best friend from high school and she just isn't the same person. She was quick to defend, always a smile and never calling people names. But, our lives took different paths. She almost died so maybe she has a right. But, I'm not comfortable telling her to change.. she's entitled to be who she is but I'm also entitled to a lot less rightous drivel from someone that appears to have forgotten that everyone has a right to an opinion or belief.

Posted at 4/29/2014 3:07:33 pm by WhisperedWords
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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Quid Pro Quo

Link to new story is below. Councilwoman Watson stating why she thinks President Obama should bail out Detroit.

I am sad for our country. I'm sad for the people in our country that seem to have forgotten what President Kennedy once said; "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

We need to go back to those standards.

I am not sure why it surprises me that a woman or man.. anyone would think like Detroit's Councilwoman Watson. Perhaps it's not that she thinks like that, maybe what surprises me is how profoundly sad this makes me to know that rather than vote for a president on merit people vote for what they think is in it for them..


Posted at 12/5/2012 12:13:58 pm by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Decisions and Debates

After watching all three debates as well as commercials, the bits of speeches I've seen and what I've read I have decided that there are three very important things I will consider while voting.

1. Economy and Jobs
2. Foreign Affairs
3. The example a leader sets for my children and grandchildren.

On the economy and jobs? Four years later and the jobs are still in the tank. I truly believe part of that is because there are so many people I've met that will simply opt to live on unemployment as long as they can get it. It needs to go back to being something that is a hand up not a hand out. I say that because I have seen help wanted signs. There are jobs out there but....I do agree that the pickings are slim.

As a business owner currently not inclined to hire anyone I can attest to this one thing. If I wanted to hire someone I wouldn't because I have no clue what the future holds. I used to budget two to three years in advance and each month I had enough money to pay all the bills. Now, I'm having to fight to get vendors to pay us so I can attempt to pay bills. We've clung to this business the very worst way possible.. debt. I have said that four more years of this and I'm closing our business. I don't want to because it's not a decision that affects just me.. but three other people and their families as well. So, from a business aspect I like the idea of a president that actually understands the issues of a business owner.

Healthcare got complicated. It was a hard thing for me to understand but I got it figured out and then came Obamacare. Now I get notices of fines if I don't have the appropriate paperwork, notices of intent to send letters of rebate to others on the insurance. If a boss pays the insurance then why would the employee need to know of a rebate? Oh, I suppose because the money is due to the employee who didn't pay the insurance? And for that matter don't even think our insurance premiums haven't gone up... they skyrocketed so I had to change plans to keep it affordable but our out of pocket expenses are higher.

If all that isn't bad enough, the cost of medical insurance is averaged out by the average age of those covered. We are a small group and two of us have pre-existing conditions and are in our 50's. That makes the cost to cover someone on our insurance much higher than it would be if he got his or her own insurance. I thought this a bit odd until I heard from a family member working in the medical field that their insurance is higher than she'd pay to get her own insurance. Something is simply wrong with that so the way I see it.. President Obama meant well but didn't really have this researched good enough to make sure it wasn't going to have a negative impact on the very people they desperately need to hire unemployed people. But I digressed.. due to age and pre-existing conditions our insurance is high so as I understand it.. and this hasn't been made clear but I understand that it will be considered a "cadillac plan" by virtue of how much it costs and we'll be taxed if we keep it. So.. we buy the insurance (as the business owner) and then in turn have to pay taxes for our part of the insurance because it's the insurance that allows me to keep my asthma doctor? And if we hire someone, we have to cover them which would be okay but I believe they should have the choice given the cost...but if I give a person a choice I could pay a fine?

See... point is.. who wants to hire when they are uncertain of what is going on?

Taxes might go up in January which makes no sense to me. I understand the top down theory... If the government doesn't charge up to 40 percent in taxes then we have money to hire someone. If my money is going to pay wages, pay vendors, pay for inventory as needed.. and taxes there's not enough to hire someone. So, no.. we aren't hiring because I can't figure out what's going to happen with taxes.

Here is my big thing though. When all is said and done I watch someone and the way they interact with other people. I want a leader that can take care of everything and not be arrogant, rude, dismissive and interruptive. I don't mind if you want to try and say a person's policies are wrong but I find it offensive when you try to say they don't hug their trash man, or that a person didn't care about someone getting cancer. Even if the person running for president didn't make the commercials themselves, if they don't denounce it their silence speaks volumes.

I want someone my children and grandchildren can look up to. That means the leader of our country has got to demonstrate good manners. When a candidate interrupts.. repeatedly and intentionally to the point where I'd smack him if he were my child, that turns me off. Completely. If you can't handle another candidate with respect then how are you treating the leaders of other countries? Your actions speak louder than words.

When I look at my children and grandchildren I want to know they will be as safe as possible. Right now I don't feel safe. If I don't feel safe then I don't feel as if my family is safe. I believe in a strong military. It is amazing how strength brings peace. My dad taught me that. He also taught me, as I protested the Viet Nam war he nipped that in the bud with one question.. "Would you rather our military fight the communists in our back yard or in another country?" I looked at my mom and I had to agree with my dad.. I'd want her safe so fighting a war in another country made sense. Then, twelve years ago another war came to our back yard. Not communists.. times do change but this time it was terrorists. That war was swiftly taken to another country and we were safe again.

Twelve years to the day, on Sept 11th, 2012 our embassy in Libya was attacked. It was a profound loss not just on a human loss but a wake up call on no matter how many drones the president sends out, no matter how many are killed by these drones the terrorist threat is growing and rather than do something about it our president and his minions blame it on a you tube video. Yet I heard of this attack.. looked at my flag that was half staff for Patriots Day and said.. "another terrorist attack." So why did this administration blame a movie? Blaming something other than the people that did the deed gives them a pass.

If my child lies to me I call him to the floor for the lie and hold him accountable. I believe, I will hold the President of the United States to the same and better standards than I will my children and I will, in the best way I can, call him to the floor for lying to me. For thinking we as a nation are stupid enough to believe some of the lies. I will hold him to the same standards of respect that I will hold my children and I will use my vote to make my voice heard.

And for the record... horses and bayonets are still used in the military Mr. President. If you want to be disrespectful (some simply call it snarky) and a smart ass.. know your facts.

Posted at 10/23/2012 11:26:52 am by WhisperedWords
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Sunday, October 14, 2012
Our Children Are Watching....

I would like the leaders of our country to remember a very important thing... Not only are they the leaders of what I think is the best country on earth but the leaders of our country are also examples for our children.

We try to teach our children respect, courtesy toward others, tolerance.. you get the idea. The best thing our leaders could do for the children of the country they lead is to behave as if their own children are watching them.

When the smirk, laugh, interrupt and in general treat another person with disrespect keep in mind our children are watching... and learning. When leaders lie or even simply allow a lie to be passed on the general population our children are listening.. and learning.

So please.. remember that our children are watching and conduct yourselves with a bit of decorum!

Thank you!

Posted at 10/14/2012 10:31:07 pm by WhisperedWords
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