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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
I Hate Change

Blogdrive has changed since I was last here. At first I couldn't get in to write a new post even. Hhmpph.
I was looking through some old entries and rather curious as to who follows me on Facebook. Really, I seemed to have entertained the spammers for the most part! No viagra for me thank you very much! And really.. if you are going to try and flatter me by telling me how well written a post is then make sure it says more than "Testing."
They had a lady on the news that allegedly killed her husband with a coffee cup. I was totally flummoxed. If I wanted to murder someone I don't think a coffee cup would come to mind as a weapon! My husband said he wasn't ever going to get me a heavy coffee cup! But he's safe as I wouldn't ruin one of my favorite items on a person's head.
But still I'm baffled as to what kind of cup can kill a person. Last year I fell down the stairs and smacked my head on the heater, (economy tanked we never moved to that one story house for my safety) the heater remains dented to this day. I look at the heater and can't imagine smacking someone in the head with a cup and killing a person. So the only conclusion I can come up with is that I'm hard headed. I've been told that often enough!
I can't even focus enough to write a decent post. I've been away from it too long. No, that's not just it. I've found that people can't always have differing opinions. I clearly upset someone good enough for them to disappear because I have an opinion that differs from hers with regard to taxing rich people. So I quit writing so as not to offend anyone. When I spend my time trying to check and make sure I keep my opinions to myself I end up just deleting posts and stop writing so I don't offend anyone because I want to have a place where people might be amused or perhaps have a debate where opinions differ but still remain respectful of each other as we are still.. people with hearts and feelings. Oh I know what I did! I took my rose colored glasses off and figured out it really isn't that simple.
I'm going to bed. Maybe I can get back into this on another day and write something worth actually reading.

Posted at 8/22/2012 9:52:34 pm by WhisperedWords

August 23, 2012   08:42 PM PDT
My husband gets worried sometimes because I watch a lot of investigative shows.

I'm baffled how people can commit to a person and then completely change and transition to the point of one wanting the other dead.

There's no way I could ever even imagine doing that so I keep watching in hopes of understanding.

Your fall down the stairs and hitting a heater with your head sounds scary. I'm very glad to read that you made it out okay. :)

Ps. Blogdrive has been working behind the scenes to clean up all of the spam. Hopefully soon, things will be exceptionally wonderful around here!!

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