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Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are down to the air conditioners in the living room and our bedroom running. The rest I've had turned off until the evening. For some reason the house gets warmest after dinner. I'd have them all off during the day and the windows open but my husband works in the heat. He's going to be comfortable at home!! I just look forward to the fall break when we don't have to use the air conditioners and it's still too warm for the heater. For a month my utility bills will drop considerably! I absolutely hate the heat, humidity and in winter the ice and snow. When I grew up in San Diego we seldom used the heater and never even owned an air conditioner! In my first apartment my utility bills averaged under $20.00 a month. If it was hot I went to the beach and if it was cold I pulled out an extra blanket.. I was comfortable!! I miss those days.

Alot of things were different then. Adults were always referred to as "Mr." or "Mrs.." We absolutely never called an adult by their first name. Children had chores and nobody gave it a second thought. If the neighbors saw us doing something we weren't supposed to they would correct us. Right there in front of everyone. If we were really lucky they wouldn't tell our parents. And don't lie to your parents.. you will eventually get caught!

I believe the most mortifying moment I had as a teenager was running into my friend's mother at Sears. My mom asked her how the party had gone with all the kids at her house. I don't know why it never occurred to me that she'd ask Brenda's mom such a question. And it probably never occurred to Brenda's mom that we'd have a party at her house while she was gone. I stood there wishing I could disappear while I was certain my mother's head was going to explode.. right there by the escalator in Sears.

Eventually I was allowed out of the house again. However, first my mom always called the other parents to make sure they were going to be there. I was 16 and 17 when this was going on. My mom worked.. she was a teacher in a time when they stayed after school. Many of my friend's mom's worked too though not all of them but we knew someone was watching us and we knew to stay out of trouble. We knew who's house we could go to because we didn't have cell phones then and our mom's wanted to know when they called for us .. we were there. We knew when to be home for dinner and we knew when the street lights came on in the summer it was time to be in the house. Yep.. we had more rules than you can shake a stick at and we turned out pretty darned good. I think more people ought to go back to that way of parenting!

Just my two cents worth.. laters.

Posted at 8/25/2012 7:51:56 pm by WhisperedWords

August 27, 2012   10:31 AM PDT
I completely agree. Most parents today are too scared or lazy to instill any morals or responsibility in their kids so the latest generation of children are growing up to be unled and completely clueless about what's really important in life.

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