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Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Venting.. till I feel better.

I periodically threaten to come back and start blogging again. Not that I have much to say but there are things I don't want to write on Facebook. I have often felt like a ship adrift in the sea over there but it's a nice place to keep in touch with family.

I have a friend that doesn't like republicans. I have a friend that doesn't like democrats and I believe everyone is ENTITLED to have their own opinion. What I don't happen to think people are entitled to is to be mean or rude in their judgments. I don't think anyone is entitled to try and MAKE people see your side if you are unwilling to give thought to what that person believes. Debate is a two way street .. not MY way.

For example, person A believes in a fair wage because wages have gone down. Person B questioned that idea since wages can't go below minimum wage and Person B pointed out that while wages have NOT risen the costs of goods have risen which makes it seem as if wages have dropped. The next thing I know, Person A and her boyfriend where posting THEIR beliefs and maybe I'm wrong but it felt like they believe they are right and damn anyone that doesn't agree. And that.. makes my heart very heavy. Especially since, when Person A and I were first friends she was far, far more compassionate of other people having differing opinions and was faster to agree to disagree than to just argue and belittle people.

No matter your difference of opinion you should still be able to have these discussions with an element of respect for the other person. If you don't you won't ever have a chance of persuading a person to change their beliefs even if they are wrong. But, you should be equally willing to change your own opinion if you might be wrong.

I had defended a statement someone made regarding there being communities where people choose not work. Instead they'd rather live on the government dole. I find that while this isn't true everywhere there are places that entire families live on welfare. It's what they grew up with, it's what they know. It's like a well intentioned plan needed a little more thought because the object of welfare should be to help the poor up into a job, and climbing the ladder to success. This of course excluded disabled and elderly. This was strictly meant for able bodied people that need help to work and start at the bottom to work their way to the top. I explained that I have seen this first hand. Able bodied people that choose to live homeless. Able bodied people choosing to live on welfare, believing the government owes them that. I used to believe in welfare until I've seen people turn down food offered to them because they wanted money to drink. I've SEEN this. Again, it doesn't mean that all homeless or people on welfare are this way but there is that element that choose it. And there are others that truly need it and then there are some that don't know where to begin to get on their own feet. You learn that growing up.

Her response? "Maybe where you live people are lazy but in California people aren't lazy." I took offense to that for two reasons. My FIRST encounter with this was in California!! The other is because she didn't want to see beyond her nose but would rather put down an entire group of people in a certain area. Yet I've lived in more than one state in this country. This is a country wide thing and she could dismiss it by calling people lazy. I suspect they aren't lazy. I suspect they need taught to fish rather than be given fish!! So, to me.. don't just dismiss and label people! TEACH them!

It's also about an innocent comment I made about so many people simply complaining about the situations life hands you. Instead of complain find a way around it, fix it.. do something positive. I included things I'd complained about.. one of which was the price of gas. So, either adapt because you want to drive, or find alternate means of transportation. Offense was taken to that and this person is fighting to get energy changed and she's making progress yet they don't want to sell their car and spend the money for an alternate fuel car. However, They will blast the fuel companies when prices rise. I've lived in Europe. Our gas prices are relatively low compared to some other places! I get that she's disabled and needs to be able to drive. So am I. But I'm not claiming progress on an issue that I'm not even willing to budge on! I want to drive therefore I'll pay the higher gas prices whether I like it or not. I can't afford a different car at this point so.. my idea is, figure out a clean, safe way to harvest fuel in our own country until alternate fuels are more cost effective and available but they are against that. So.. pay high gas prices and shut up! My neighbor was reading her posts cause basically she was arguing with herself since I truly wasn't even posting to her.

What got me started on that last post about complaining was something regarding genealogy and the people complaining at that particular moment. It wasn't about this woman or gas prices but she MADE it be about that then argued with herself.

So, I guess since I have vastly differing opinions I will stay out of Facebook other than to say hello to my family, keep track of genealogy information and play a few games when I'm bored. That's all it was ever meant to be.. it wasn't there to make a political statement for me. I can write about that here. Better yet.. I can vote for what I believe in. But if ever I'm simply being rude to someone because their opinion isn't in align with my own.. please tell me to shut up!

And I won't look up old friends!! That's what started this.. I found my best friend from high school and she just isn't the same person. She was quick to defend, always a smile and never calling people names. But, our lives took different paths. She almost died so maybe she has a right. But, I'm not comfortable telling her to change.. she's entitled to be who she is but I'm also entitled to a lot less rightous drivel from someone that appears to have forgotten that everyone has a right to an opinion or belief.

Posted at 4/29/2014 3:07:33 pm by WhisperedWords

May 9, 2014   08:28 PM PDT
My time is haphazard here but I can say more here than I can there... maybe. Long as nobody googles me? But, I do have an office to run and I need to get it back in to shape. I also have three grandchildren I babysit. So, I'm not always here but I'll try to be more often.
May 2, 2014   01:59 PM PDT
First of all, I am glad that you left a comment on my blog because just the other day, I went through and checked all of my links and removed everyone who seemed to have quit blogging just to clean up the page to show active links... I came back and here you are! So, you have been re-added to my keep up with you list.

I too have been debating coming back to my blog to express myself. I don't do it on Facebook because there, it just seems like -- I don't know... too many people you see day to day can read what's on your mind and question you on the spot - and blogging is different than talking about something for me- so, I'm back here at BD writing when I feel like spilling the beans. :)

On the subject matter above in this post... I agree with you. I do not like to get into debates about anything with 95% of people because they tend to get worked up about their opinion just as you said and nothing gets accomplished or (heard).

Glad you are back... (maybe). I'll keep a lookout for you! :D

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