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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
A Song That Lifted My Spirits

It had started out to be a rough day.... again.

Every time my grand daughter comes home from her mother's house she suffers from a lack of respect. This time we've added to it that this family doesn't like her and she refuses to do what she needs to do unless we comply.


This made for a very grumpy grandma!

But before the day ended I was reminded that there is always something good to the day, a friend that reminds you of important things... Thank you D.!

Posted at 4/30/2014 9:20:07 pm by WhisperedWords

May 14, 2014   09:55 AM PDT
Oh, yes. Kirk and I have had that run in with Miss Jossy Pants on a couple of occasions. I don't know if we handle it right at the time but I will say that when she happens to try to overstep her boundaries and take a tone with us, we definitely let her know that it will not be tolerated. She will usually try to snap back but we stay firm. The end result is always the same, and I kid you not... after she is sent to her room to think about how she just treated us and is allowed to resume playtime once her "sentence" is served, she will always, always, on her own accord, offer an apology for her behavior prior even before we (Kirk and I) bring it up. We consider it settled after her punishment because now, at 8, she knows why she is being punished so there is no discussion afterward necessary in most cases. So, the fact that she is still thinking on it after her punishment... I find hope in that.

It's a little funny to think that my "Parenting" style has been inspired by "The Dog Whisperer". I take his notes even when dealing with children. heh.

Calm Assertive Energy.

I try to apply it with both my Dogs and Kids that I'm around. I'm certainly not perfect at it but I'm definitely working toward it.

Keep at it with your little one. I know things will get better. :)
May 2, 2014   02:36 PM PDT
Oh, thank you so much for the encouragement. This has been going on for six years. My granddaughter, while I don't normally post online about her, has come a very long way but this week was especially stressful. I'm not accustomed to children that yell at adults and tell an adult to leave me alone and such.
May 2, 2014   02:09 PM PDT
Kirk and I keep my niece, Joselynn, typically every other weekend. We've done this since she was an infant... well, we've been involved with her since then but her Grandfather only started letting her have weekend sleepovers when he gained our trust. For awhile, we'd have to visit her at his house.

Anyway, my point...

Her rules are different from his home to ours. She gets away with a lot since she's his granddaughter and he's raising her. For quite some time, we struggled with teaching her (and still do) manners and boundaries but it is getting better.

I think that the more time passes, kids learn how we treat them and in turn, begin to treat others in that way. It's not a 100/1 shot though. She still forgets to say "Ma'am" or "Sir" at times, but she does attempt it on her own too. And she knows that while she can just run out of the house at her Grandpa's to visit her friend next door, that is a complete and total NO at our house.

I hope things with your Granddaughter get better and I think they will the more she is around you and learns respect and appreciation that you teach her. *HUGS*

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