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Friday, May 09, 2014
Dogs, dogs, dogs

Dang... I accidentally deleted my post! Better luck next time I suppose. It was a busy day filled with diversions and dogs. We went to the pound. The problem with going to the pound is that you want to save the dogs and you even can really, really want one or two ... or four. But that doesn't mean a dog will be good around your children or grandchildren. It was hard to leave them behind and even though there were four my daughter really liked, two she loved and one she really really wanted she ultimately had to leave them behind rather than take home a dog that could hurt here daughter. They are up front with letting you know if a dog is okay to have around children. Oh well, her dream dog will cross her path sometime.

Even I saw a dog I really wanted.. a young one but the previous owners said not to have it around children. I babysit three grandchildren. The youngest being a year and a half so I have to take that into consideration. Oh well. I need to quit coming across these dogs that need homes because I'd save them all if I had the means to!

Posted at 5/9/2014 8:49:48 pm by WhisperedWords

May 15, 2014   03:32 PM PDT
Aww. It's a shame, isn't it? Our money hungry society is sickening.

But YAY for sweet and loveable animals to brighten our days! *high paw*
May 14, 2014   10:45 AM PDT
My dog was purchased from a puppy store. We went just to see what the mixed breeds looked like. When I last got a mixed breed dog they were generally referred to as mutts and free. Now they are called hybrids and cost hundreds of dollars. My husband saw this one in a cage by himself. He was perfect and calm ... However I wasn't paying $400.00 for a mutt when other dogs need a home. But my husband got him for me for our anniversary.
May 14, 2014   09:59 AM PDT
I would too.

I get so angry at people who breed animals for profit without any regard to the care that the offspring (and the Parenting animals) deserve.

This world is so messed up. If I could have an "Every Animal" sanctuary and unlimited resources, I would attempt to rescue and rehabilitate animals myself too.

I love animals. They are so unappreciated.

I could go on for days about this so I will just stop now and say... Good for you for trying to adopt an animal in need from a shelter. I got both of my dogs the wrong way. I love them dearly but next time, I will adopt. I'm not paying someone again for an animal that was just bred for sale. Grr to me!

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