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Saturday, May 17, 2014
When did clothes sizes become so confusing?

I need to go outside and pull weeds and prune plants. However, I took an 11 year old shopping for clothes today. I believe I deserve to just sit here!! It started off trying to figure out what size pants to get her so that when she bends over she doesn't have a plumber's pencil holder showing. Then once we found shorts that fit her there was the matching shirt. This took nearly three hours. Both of us were thirsty so we stopped at Starbucks. I got a coffee she got water and we were again on our way when we were stopped by nursing students offering to do my blood pressure for free. I politely declined at first and explained I was shopping with my grand daughter so it was probably high. However, I ceded and let it be done because how will they learn if everyone says no?

My blood pressure was high but nothing to be alarmed about. We started to leave the mall when I asked my grand daughter if she had the bag with her new clothes. She said I never gave it to her! I not only gave it to her I did so multiple times. They are HER clothes SHE can carry them!! She immediately ran back into the mall in search of the bag and now I could no longer even see her! I was frantic! Did I say my blood pressure was high because of her?

She found the clothes and we were off again to find sandals. She wants to wear flip flops to school and got mad because I wouldn't let her. They didn't seem appropriate attire for school. I sent them an email and asked and was told she can wear sandals with the strap in the back. Last stop.. thrift shop. Since she wanted to be dressed up she had a dress on and would slip between the cart and racks of clothes to try on shorts. She found a pair that fit and insisted she didn't have to try on any more shorts... but I made her try on a pair she swore would fit because the other size 6's fit. Surprise! They were too small! So I went up a size and they were too big but another pair in size 7 or 8 did fit.

I swear they size clothes now so women will buy them. You want to be only a size 6 so they've marked an 8 as a 6??? I don't know but I liked when she was younger and I could go look for a girls size 10 and it would fit but that is no longer the case. I get a lot of clothes for her from the thrift shop. She lives with her dad but comes to my house every day in the middle of the night so he can go to work. Consequently, it's just more convenient if we keep clothing for her at both houses. That gets expensive if I bought them all at a store. Plus, this thrift store very often has brand new clothes that the stores couldn't sell. So, it's money saved for me! And she gets new clothes.. can't get better than that!

I need to put pictures of the puppy for Diedre... but it didn't work. So maybe I can post it somewhere and post a link to the picture?

Posted at 5/17/2014 5:34:06 pm by WhisperedWords

September 27, 2014   04:14 PM PDT
So, I finally checked back and see your email.. I'm so sorry. I posted pictures on FB. Hope you saw them.
May 19, 2014   01:40 PM PDT
The clothes size thing bums me out too. When people ask me what size I wear, I have to give them five different sizes because it keeps changing and I never really know what size I actually am. :/

Regarding the photo... I wonder why it won't let you upload it to your account and link to it?? Hmm.

Maybe Blogdrive was having a fit. Try again the next day?

I know we used to use off-site web hosts for linking to pictures. Is photobucket still going strong? I have an account but haven't checked it for years. :/ Perhaps try that?

Or you could email it to me. Inspired11 at geemail dot com!

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