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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Decisions and Debates

After watching all three debates as well as commercials, the bits of speeches I've seen and what I've read I have decided that there are three very important things I will consider while voting.

1. Economy and Jobs
2. Foreign Affairs
3. The example a leader sets for my children and grandchildren.

On the economy and jobs? Four years later and the jobs are still in the tank. I truly believe part of that is because there are so many people I've met that will simply opt to live on unemployment as long as they can get it. It needs to go back to being something that is a hand up not a hand out. I say that because I have seen help wanted signs. There are jobs out there but....I do agree that the pickings are slim.

As a business owner currently not inclined to hire anyone I can attest to this one thing. If I wanted to hire someone I wouldn't because I have no clue what the future holds. I used to budget two to three years in advance and each month I had enough money to pay all the bills. Now, I'm having to fight to get vendors to pay us so I can attempt to pay bills. We've clung to this business the very worst way possible.. debt. I have said that four more years of this and I'm closing our business. I don't want to because it's not a decision that affects just me.. but three other people and their families as well. So, from a business aspect I like the idea of a president that actually understands the issues of a business owner.

Healthcare got complicated. It was a hard thing for me to understand but I got it figured out and then came Obamacare. Now I get notices of fines if I don't have the appropriate paperwork, notices of intent to send letters of rebate to others on the insurance. If a boss pays the insurance then why would the employee need to know of a rebate? Oh, I suppose because the money is due to the employee who didn't pay the insurance? And for that matter don't even think our insurance premiums haven't gone up... they skyrocketed so I had to change plans to keep it affordable but our out of pocket expenses are higher.

If all that isn't bad enough, the cost of medical insurance is averaged out by the average age of those covered. We are a small group and two of us have pre-existing conditions and are in our 50's. That makes the cost to cover someone on our insurance much higher than it would be if he got his or her own insurance. I thought this a bit odd until I heard from a family member working in the medical field that their insurance is higher than she'd pay to get her own insurance. Something is simply wrong with that so the way I see it.. President Obama meant well but didn't really have this researched good enough to make sure it wasn't going to have a negative impact on the very people they desperately need to hire unemployed people. But I digressed.. due to age and pre-existing conditions our insurance is high so as I understand it.. and this hasn't been made clear but I understand that it will be considered a "cadillac plan" by virtue of how much it costs and we'll be taxed if we keep it. So.. we buy the insurance (as the business owner) and then in turn have to pay taxes for our part of the insurance because it's the insurance that allows me to keep my asthma doctor? And if we hire someone, we have to cover them which would be okay but I believe they should have the choice given the cost...but if I give a person a choice I could pay a fine?

See... point is.. who wants to hire when they are uncertain of what is going on?

Taxes might go up in January which makes no sense to me. I understand the top down theory... If the government doesn't charge up to 40 percent in taxes then we have money to hire someone. If my money is going to pay wages, pay vendors, pay for inventory as needed.. and taxes there's not enough to hire someone. So, no.. we aren't hiring because I can't figure out what's going to happen with taxes.

Here is my big thing though. When all is said and done I watch someone and the way they interact with other people. I want a leader that can take care of everything and not be arrogant, rude, dismissive and interruptive. I don't mind if you want to try and say a person's policies are wrong but I find it offensive when you try to say they don't hug their trash man, or that a person didn't care about someone getting cancer. Even if the person running for president didn't make the commercials themselves, if they don't denounce it their silence speaks volumes.

I want someone my children and grandchildren can look up to. That means the leader of our country has got to demonstrate good manners. When a candidate interrupts.. repeatedly and intentionally to the point where I'd smack him if he were my child, that turns me off. Completely. If you can't handle another candidate with respect then how are you treating the leaders of other countries? Your actions speak louder than words.

When I look at my children and grandchildren I want to know they will be as safe as possible. Right now I don't feel safe. If I don't feel safe then I don't feel as if my family is safe. I believe in a strong military. It is amazing how strength brings peace. My dad taught me that. He also taught me, as I protested the Viet Nam war he nipped that in the bud with one question.. "Would you rather our military fight the communists in our back yard or in another country?" I looked at my mom and I had to agree with my dad.. I'd want her safe so fighting a war in another country made sense. Then, twelve years ago another war came to our back yard. Not communists.. times do change but this time it was terrorists. That war was swiftly taken to another country and we were safe again.

Twelve years to the day, on Sept 11th, 2012 our embassy in Libya was attacked. It was a profound loss not just on a human loss but a wake up call on no matter how many drones the president sends out, no matter how many are killed by these drones the terrorist threat is growing and rather than do something about it our president and his minions blame it on a you tube video. Yet I heard of this attack.. looked at my flag that was half staff for Patriots Day and said.. "another terrorist attack." So why did this administration blame a movie? Blaming something other than the people that did the deed gives them a pass.

If my child lies to me I call him to the floor for the lie and hold him accountable. I believe, I will hold the President of the United States to the same and better standards than I will my children and I will, in the best way I can, call him to the floor for lying to me. For thinking we as a nation are stupid enough to believe some of the lies. I will hold him to the same standards of respect that I will hold my children and I will use my vote to make my voice heard.

And for the record... horses and bayonets are still used in the military Mr. President. If you want to be disrespectful (some simply call it snarky) and a smart ass.. know your facts.

Posted at 10/23/2012 11:26:52 am by WhisperedWords
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Sunday, October 14, 2012
Our Children Are Watching....

I would like the leaders of our country to remember a very important thing... Not only are they the leaders of what I think is the best country on earth but the leaders of our country are also examples for our children.

We try to teach our children respect, courtesy toward others, tolerance.. you get the idea. The best thing our leaders could do for the children of the country they lead is to behave as if their own children are watching them.

When the smirk, laugh, interrupt and in general treat another person with disrespect keep in mind our children are watching... and learning. When leaders lie or even simply allow a lie to be passed on the general population our children are listening.. and learning.

So please.. remember that our children are watching and conduct yourselves with a bit of decorum!

Thank you!

Posted at 10/14/2012 10:31:07 pm by WhisperedWords
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Hearing today

It is so very sad to hear of the the actual events that took place in Libya on Sept. 11th, 2012. I hope those that passed away find peace and I hope our nation stands up and demands that those serving this country be respected enough to be given the security they needed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a country with a newly forming government isn't the safest most serene place in town.

Forget Hope and Change..


Posted at 10/10/2012 1:56:22 pm by WhisperedWords
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Hearing today

It is so very sad to hear of the the actual events that took place in Libya on Sept. 11th, 2012. I hope those that passed away find peace and I hope our nation stands up and demands that those serving this country be respected enough to be given the security they needed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a country with a newly forming government isn't the safest most serene place in town.

Forget Hope and Change..


Posted at 10/10/2012 1:39:22 pm by WhisperedWords
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Saturday, October 06, 2012
Grow up..

I read a couple of the comments posted here and I'm reminded why I often stay away. The spam is horrendous!

On to my post..

When a person chooses to have a child; better put.. lie about being on birth control (men, take heed.. it still happens) then one should choose to give up a life of carefree partying, drinking, and jail. It is time to grow up and set an example for the child because no matter what.. what mom says trumps what anyone else says. Sadly, its those taking care of the child, and even more.. your child that is paying the price for your indiscretions. In my humble opinion, a mother that chooses to live like that would garner more respect from me if she simply backed away and let the child try to have a good life... without your negative influence. At least until you grew up.

Posted at 10/6/2012 8:02:07 pm by WhisperedWords
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Finally we've had a respite from the humidity. The weather has cooled down considerably after yesterday's storm. I can go outside and breath at the same time!

I watched both of the conventions. What I could stay awake for at least. Seems like the Democratic one left me with the most to be concerned about. They both did but none so much as needing a 2/3's vote to put "God" back into the democratic platform for the convention. I'm not entirely sure what has me more baffled..That it needed voted on to start with or that people voted no. Or.. if the idea that there sure did not seem to be a 2/3rd's majority vote but it got changed anyway. That is not .. democracy.

I also find it odd that of the two conventions the one sentence that struck a cord with me? "We own this country." This statement coming from Clint Eastwood as he spoke to an empty chair. No matter your political affiliation, beliefs or tenets.. he's right. We own this country. To that end it's our duty to this country to take in all the facts, determine who is best..
And vote!

Posted at 9/9/2012 2:52:18 pm by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There was a question posted on Facebook asking if people are watching the Republican Convention. I am. I'd like to make an informed decision. Thus far the comments on Facebook were poking fun at someone's last name. Others felt that watching Republicans making fools of themselves would be entertaining. For some reason, the one that stuck out was the person that felt a need to state she doesn't pay attention to politics so she doesn't care.

That's the person I feel the sorriest for. There are countries where you don't have a voice, you don't have a vote. The person that has the right to have a say and chooses not to use that voice only stifles themselves and suffers for their silence.

So please, Democrat or Republican alike, please CARE enough to know what is going on. To make an informed decision and use your voice and come November.. Vote.
Peace out..!

Posted at 8/28/2012 8:41:24 pm by WhisperedWords
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are down to the air conditioners in the living room and our bedroom running. The rest I've had turned off until the evening. For some reason the house gets warmest after dinner. I'd have them all off during the day and the windows open but my husband works in the heat. He's going to be comfortable at home!! I just look forward to the fall break when we don't have to use the air conditioners and it's still too warm for the heater. For a month my utility bills will drop considerably! I absolutely hate the heat, humidity and in winter the ice and snow. When I grew up in San Diego we seldom used the heater and never even owned an air conditioner! In my first apartment my utility bills averaged under $20.00 a month. If it was hot I went to the beach and if it was cold I pulled out an extra blanket.. I was comfortable!! I miss those days.

Alot of things were different then. Adults were always referred to as "Mr." or "Mrs.." We absolutely never called an adult by their first name. Children had chores and nobody gave it a second thought. If the neighbors saw us doing something we weren't supposed to they would correct us. Right there in front of everyone. If we were really lucky they wouldn't tell our parents. And don't lie to your parents.. you will eventually get caught!

I believe the most mortifying moment I had as a teenager was running into my friend's mother at Sears. My mom asked her how the party had gone with all the kids at her house. I don't know why it never occurred to me that she'd ask Brenda's mom such a question. And it probably never occurred to Brenda's mom that we'd have a party at her house while she was gone. I stood there wishing I could disappear while I was certain my mother's head was going to explode.. right there by the escalator in Sears.

Eventually I was allowed out of the house again. However, first my mom always called the other parents to make sure they were going to be there. I was 16 and 17 when this was going on. My mom worked.. she was a teacher in a time when they stayed after school. Many of my friend's mom's worked too though not all of them but we knew someone was watching us and we knew to stay out of trouble. We knew who's house we could go to because we didn't have cell phones then and our mom's wanted to know when they called for us .. we were there. We knew when to be home for dinner and we knew when the street lights came on in the summer it was time to be in the house. Yep.. we had more rules than you can shake a stick at and we turned out pretty darned good. I think more people ought to go back to that way of parenting!

Just my two cents worth.. laters.

Posted at 8/25/2012 7:51:56 pm by WhisperedWords
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Friday, August 24, 2012
Just a few rants

Apparently Donald Trump Tweeted that childhood shots given in the manner they are given causes autism. I haven't seen the actual tweet so it's not quoted exactly but you get the gist of what he's said. I haven't figured out why this is newsworthy since he's not the first to say such a thing.
What I can't help but wonder is who would listen to someone like Donald Trump who has wonderfully healthy children, is not a doctor and as such only has an opinion. Something we are all entitled to have. So.. what makes this newsworthy? I suspect nobody would have given it a second thought if he wasn't planning on speaking at the Republican Convention? Just a thought.
Speaking of conventions.. is it me or does this election seem more like a circus? Are we honestly to believe that when ads are put out by a pac that the person running for office can't speak up and say something as small as, "I don't condone that message." And do so immediately because to wait days to say something looks to me like all you are doing is trying to save face after you've seen the backlash from an offensive ad. I know a candidate can't be involved with what a pac does but they sure can speak their mind on whether or not they agree with something! Not being involved is far different from remaining silent. Consequently silence suggests acceptance.
On another front I'm beyond tired of atheists trying to remove our religious symbols, sayings, prayers from seemingly everything. The group is called Freedom From Religion but the right of everyone in this country is Freedom OF Religion. As a Christian one should be tolerant but tolerance shouldn't mean we have to step back and have our right to express our religious beliefs stripped away. Let's all co-exist peacefully!
I'm getting off here for now. I'm sure if I keep on with my rants I'll upset someone and come across as being disrespectful but actually I'm not. I understand people have differing opinions from mine and frankly I welcome them as long as people are respectful. You might think my opinion is totally stupid as I might totally disagree with your opinion but nobody has to get their feelings hurt, get their dander up or their knickers in a bunch.. however you want to word it.
For now I'm out of here.. Peace.

Posted at 8/24/2012 8:39:42 am by WhisperedWords
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
I Hate Change

Blogdrive has changed since I was last here. At first I couldn't get in to write a new post even. Hhmpph.
I was looking through some old entries and rather curious as to who follows me on Facebook. Really, I seemed to have entertained the spammers for the most part! No viagra for me thank you very much! And really.. if you are going to try and flatter me by telling me how well written a post is then make sure it says more than "Testing."
They had a lady on the news that allegedly killed her husband with a coffee cup. I was totally flummoxed. If I wanted to murder someone I don't think a coffee cup would come to mind as a weapon! My husband said he wasn't ever going to get me a heavy coffee cup! But he's safe as I wouldn't ruin one of my favorite items on a person's head.
But still I'm baffled as to what kind of cup can kill a person. Last year I fell down the stairs and smacked my head on the heater, (economy tanked we never moved to that one story house for my safety) the heater remains dented to this day. I look at the heater and can't imagine smacking someone in the head with a cup and killing a person. So the only conclusion I can come up with is that I'm hard headed. I've been told that often enough!
I can't even focus enough to write a decent post. I've been away from it too long. No, that's not just it. I've found that people can't always have differing opinions. I clearly upset someone good enough for them to disappear because I have an opinion that differs from hers with regard to taxing rich people. So I quit writing so as not to offend anyone. When I spend my time trying to check and make sure I keep my opinions to myself I end up just deleting posts and stop writing so I don't offend anyone because I want to have a place where people might be amused or perhaps have a debate where opinions differ but still remain respectful of each other as we are still.. people with hearts and feelings. Oh I know what I did! I took my rose colored glasses off and figured out it really isn't that simple.
I'm going to bed. Maybe I can get back into this on another day and write something worth actually reading.

Posted at 8/22/2012 9:52:34 pm by WhisperedWords
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