"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. "
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Sunday, October 31, 2010
Comparisons Leading to Insults?

I took a break and sat down to look at the news online. As is so often the case I click on one link which leads me to another and then another and the next thing I know I've overstayed my time online. Today there was amusement to be found in the news. Was the crowd size bigger at the Restore Sanity Rally than the Glenn Beck Rally? Oh, the people that love to comment are interesting to read as well.

I had to work through both rallies so I didn't get to attend. I wanted to attend the Glenn Beck Rally more for what seemed to me a rally to restore one's faith in God, our country and hope for a brighter future. But I must admit that I'd have loved to attend the John Stewart rally as well. Face it, whether we don't all agree on everything but at the heart of this rally was a patriotic rally, to honor our wonderfully diverse country but it was also.. let's be honest.. entertainment.

I don't have to agree with a person's political views to love their music. I'd have gone to see Cat Stevens and Ozzie Osbourne for certain. Sheryl Crow, The Roots.. I can't say I know who Jeff Tweedy is but it's music and I love music. The Mythbusters guys were there. I love that show! It sounds like an afternoon of some really good entertainment!

Both rallys seemed interesting in different ways, in my own opinion. So the news that I've read that said the crowd at the rally to restore sanity was larger than the Beck rally doesn't surprise me. It seems to me not just one of commitment but also entertainment.

That people care about that sort of thing doesn't surprise me. It seems human nature to want to always 'one up' another person. That people DON'T care about the people around them, especially those who's opinion differs from their own opinion ... now that will never cease to amaze me. The amount of name calling, and rudeness is and always will be shocking to me.

Of course I think to attempt to compare the crowd sizes of the two rallies a bit odd. It would be akin to comparing a fruit bowl with an apple bowl. It doesn't matter which bowl has more fruit unless you remove all the apples from a fruit bowl. Either way... why should anyone care so much that they feel compelled to insult each other in the name of defending their beliefs? Doesn't that demean and trivialize what you stand for when you hurt another human being?

Just my own two cents worth.

Posted at 10/31/2010 11:29:28 am by WhisperedWords
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Sunday, March 21, 2010
Vote No..

My opinion of the current health care reform hasn't changed. No.. I do not want this plan to be passed.

It feels... wrong. It feels as if all possible courses of action have not been considered. It feels like this is what the President wants, and this is what the president will get. It feels like we as a nation are getting this no matter what we think or believe. We as a nation aren't smart enough to know what we want but the all knowing President Obama and his puppet Pelosi do know what is best for us.

It FEELS like arrogant people are pushing to have a bill passed that isn't as good as it's touted. IF it was good, they would not have to bribe people to vote yes. If it is appropriate for this country it would pass. I know this and I feel that because the truth is something needs done about the high cost of insurance.

I would feel better about this is the leader of our country still seemed to be the same person that was voted in. I would feel better if he could answer questions asked of him rather than simply lecture on a bill... that from what he says, didn't know what was in the bill.

What does education have to do with health care reform? What else is in that bill that doesn't belong? Why do my in-laws, whom we generally stay of the topic of politics, suddenly seem to have taken an about face?

I listened to President Obama tell an audience of students at George Mason University students that they won't have to worry about medical insurance because their parents will keep them on their insurance plan. Oh? Did the President for a moment consider the parent's thoughts on this? What parent doesn't want to do what they can for their children? But isn't part of teaching them to become responsible adults mean that they do just that... become responsible for themselves? Sure, if one is still in college but until 26? We are teaching our children they are entitled to this. I want to be given the option. I want to decide, which admittedly I can't right now, decide that if my child is in college he can still be covered. Oh wait! Right now that can happen until the age of 21 but let them complete college and start a job. But that should be MY option.

I was brought up that at 18 I was allowed to live at home with the assistance of my parents as deemed by THEM.. those that make the money...as long as I was in fact trying to better myself. Otherwise, at 18 you are out the door without question. And once out the door.. you were no longer their problem because we were expected to behave as the adult we chose to be. Period. Sure, I was still their daughter, and I was loved too but I was not entitled to continue being treated as a child once I've made the decision to be an adult. Guess how we've brought our children up? The same way.

The IRS will have to hire more people to ensure that business' are providing insurance. There is no regard to what the business' want. There is no regard to what the employees want. They must provide it and if you have an income you must provide your own insurance. That there should certainly improve the current jobless rate.. make it even less affordable for small business' to hire people. Good plan there!

Currently I've done whatever I can to stay off of government controlled medical care. I did, for a short time have to be on medicaid and when I got ahold of my records and saw the notation that I was possibly mildly retarded, I vowed then that I would do whatever I could to keep government out of my personal life. Now, they are trying to do this on a nationwide scale?

Our ancestors came here and did not feel entitled to anything. They believed that hard work and perseverance would make this nation great. I grew up the same way, my children grew up the same way. I have responsible children that are taking care of their families.

See... it doesn't stop at medical care. It goes into every home having DSL, free cell phones for qualifying people. Free housing and free food. It goes to an old friend from years past who once figured out that while she was working two jobs to care for her daughter, that welfare not only paid her more than she made.. she could stay home with her daughter..so, why work?

Is that the kind of America we want to be?

Posted at 3/21/2010 2:04:10 pm by WhisperedWords
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Saturday, December 12, 2009
My Opinion.. Ludicrous?

Your opinions are no more ludicrous than mine. Period. We all are entitled to opinions without agreeing to them That said you might reread that post as I did not think I stated that I was against health care reform. So, I read it over again.

Oh, and let's leave the past administration out of this post. Whether Bush was good or bad is not my current quesiton. Obama did not inherit this mess; with his eyes open he paid alot of money to take it over because he thought he could do better. So, Bush and his administration are by now a moot point with regard to my post.

That post, did in fact say what I thought. The way the government is handling not only health care reform but other things as well leaves me terribly uncomfortable.

Looking back Obama promised transparency, it would be heard on CNBC or one of those... CSPAN? We would know what is going on. Sorry, that hasn't happened. Instead there are closed door meetings, voted held at night, there are bills with pages and pages to read and the men and women that have to vote on this, the men and women WE voted into office to represent us aren't afforded a considerable amount of time to read and question what is in the bill.

I was always taught you read the fine print. You read it, you make sure you understand it before you sign it. I hold our government to that same standard when they are voting on my behalf. How can we expect anything less?

No, I'm not in that top 1% of earners.. we are a small business barely hanging on by our finger tips right now and not entirely sure if we will stay in business if some of the issues we've heard come out of this government hold true. Or, perhaps I worry more about small businesses that actually have more employees than we do.

You see, to me, and understand this.. my posts are my opinions.. my questions. The math doesn't add up. How can you start a program and NOT raise taxes? It makes no sense and as of yet I haven't heard anyone actually explain it. And I don't buy into taxes not being raised to pay for medical. Oh sure, if you raise taxes for one thing and funnel money into taxes but don't tell us.. ??? And, I more than anyone understand robbing Peter to pay Paul.. I understand alot of things but I also know doctors and nurses, medical equipment, pharmacies.. etc. all get paid and that money comes from somewhere and we clearly don't have a surplus of money.

Right now I pay over $2000.00 a month for medical insurance for two people. Insane? Yes. But I got it before I had a spinal cord injury and a stroke, now, I'm un-insurable by anyone else. I tried to switch companies. Do I want to see change? Of course I want to see change. But the first step I'd like to see is a sense of honesty. I'd like to feel like my value as a person is not going to be degraded compared to a younger healthy person because of my medical conditions. I want to know that if those statements I've heard are erroneous don't blame anyone, simply show proof that it's not true. Don't call anyone names prove your stance.

What's to say that down the road this medical won't get taken away? Then it's back to getting insurance like it is now only all of those covered through the government won't get coverage if they have pre-exsisting conditions. Is there a guarantee that this won't happen?

I am for change and I can't say I have all the answers. Nobody has had them yet. But what I do know is that I will ALWAYS feel obligated to pay attention and question what our government does. I never follow blindly and nobody should follow blindly.

To think any government is perfect and should not be questioned, to not understand that the devil is in the details so they need checked, to not want answers for the impact on future generations.. to simply follow blindly.. that is ludicrous. Our opinions and beliefs are not.

Posted at 12/12/2009 4:35:26 am by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009
Let's Play Tag!

I'm going to count to ten and then hunt you down to tag you.. I will stop hunting you and return back home in ten minutes.

President Obama apparently doesn't hear me screaming at the television.

So, he took his ever loving time to make this decision to send troops to Afghanistan. He said he was given this time. Does he not understand that the world is watching him? A couple weeks or so but this was months in coming.. How must the world leaders, those that he wants .. ~blinkblink~ let Taliban in that give up violence?? Tag you're bombed cause .. cause they know how to sit and wait.

Some guy is sleeping... yeah dude!!

There goes a girl.. snooze!

Oh yeah.. I have to remember that those people that kidnap and cut off people's heads now have the right to human rights? Is this basically what he's said?

"We've not always been thanked..." why did he say that? Do we as a nation help others with that expectation? Sure it'd be nice but you do NOT say that unless you think the other countries should be thankful.

He's saying that we as a nation can come together for one purpose.. something like that and my husband says.. "Yeah, to get you out of office."

Oh for pete's sake.. I'm going downstairs with my husband.. can we elect a new president.

Posted at 12/1/2009 8:12:47 pm by WhisperedWords
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Posted at 11/25/2009 4:36:49 pm by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Everyone Has An Opinion..

Just a question;

Does the president or Nancy Pelosi run our government?

She freaks me out. More and more I worry about Obama too but I was awake a couple weeks ago when the House had it's vote on medical reform. Pelosi looked... dare I say it? SMUG?

We don't know what we want. We don't know what we need.. Pelosi does and Obama does!! Yeah! I'm so very glad someone is taking care of me. I don't know when I became so addled that I can't think for myself but, eh.. this administration acts as though I am not capable of knowing what I want.

What happened to "transparency?" What happened to the U.S. Citizens knowing what is going on and why? I thought we'd have a say in what our government does.

Perhaps what frightens me the most is the following conversation which is not verbatum.. I didn't record it;

Me: What is happening to our country.
Him: What do you mean?
Me: Well, this administration has their hand in the bank business, auto business and now they are trying to get in the middle of our medical.. it's like..
Him: Like Obama has to have his fingers in everything and control it.

I want to do something. Bills are being passed during the night. Bills that will impact my wallet, my children and grandchildren and at times behind closed doors. This is NOT a transparent government as promised. Obama seems to do more traveling than staying at the office, you know like the rest of us do.. in the office working. Oh, and can you afford to go golfing? Oh, I know.. Obama has worked hard for our country. He's gone to Copenhagen for the epic fail at a bid for the Olympics in Chicago, this trip through Asia and we won't go there.

I guess my point here is that I'm simply not comfortable any more with this current administration. Few administrations are perfect. Even here in our wonderful country. But get out of my pocket and don't mess with my boobs!!

Posted at 11/24/2009 10:41:32 am by WhisperedWords
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Thursday, November 19, 2009
A Message with a Laugh

Enough. I'm tired of being politically correct... really I am. Of course, let me explain a few things as I see them.

Wait... Nevermind.. Let someone else explain it. This is NOT "R" rated..

Posted at 11/19/2009 10:34:32 am by WhisperedWords
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is ridiculous. Anytime a crime is committed with the use of a gun there is someone willing to take a stab at the 2nd Amendment.

Let me make this very clear. The 2nd Amendment did not shoot those men and women at Ft. Hood. The Constitution of the United States... wasn't there. The founders of the Constitution and it's Amendments were not there.

The gun involved did not shoot those people. The guns in any of our cities or suburbs are not to blame for shootings. Not those that sell the guns nor those of us that believe in our right to own firearms.

A person, a human being aimed that gun and shot it. A human being that needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Protect our rights, whether or not you happen to agree with them. Please don't diminish those rights.

But, eh.. the mayor has a right to free speech and is entitled to say what he believes. Just come on, lay blame squarely on Nidal Malik Hasan, the man that did the shooting.

Posted at 11/17/2009 7:07:05 am by WhisperedWords
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Monday, November 16, 2009
To Bow or Not to Bow

President Obama bowed. On the face of it, let's be honest, we grew up knowing we are supposed to bow as a form of respect. So the fact that he bowed to other world leaders isn't offensive to me. But that is to ME.

That said; let me say this. As the wife of a military member that had just arrived in Germany I was given information of some of the Germany specific protocols of the time. It was my responsibility as a veritable nobody to learn this and have a clue of important German customs so I didn't offend anyone. This was my responsibility because even though I was a civilian there I still represented the United States.

So, I am left to ask just how much effort the president put into learning the customs of the countries he is visiting. His administration and advisers should be smart enough to think of these situations and instruct the president before hand.. just to make sure. However, ultimately the responsibility of learning this rests on the president himself. The leader of a country you would think would have far more responsibility to do so than me.

If he can't take charge of himself and take the moments it takes to learn this information then why do we think he can lead us?

Learn when and how to bow and even in our own society, as I was taught, even IF on a long stretch he should have bowed, they were sloppy bows at best. Learn how to bow properly if you are going to bow at the wrong place. Even in the United States there is an appropriate way to bow and uhm.. that wasn't it!

Posted at 11/16/2009 7:37:12 am by WhisperedWords
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Friday, November 13, 2009
Opinions Ahead.. You don't have to agree with them.

This has even been considered??

Our jails are filled with people that have murdered and raped. They've stolen from others and broken laws that actually hurt another person. We do not have a right to hurt another person. There has been talk, there has been consideration to jail or penalize a person that does not carry medical insurance or pay a fine. The same as you must do if you wish to drive a car.

You cannot lump the need for auto insurance into the same category as medical insurance. I DO believe people should, by law, have car insurance to drive a car. Accidents happen and we do not have a right to drive a car, hurt someone or their property and not be able to make that person whole again.

The person we are hurting if we don't have medical insurance is ourselves. We aren't physically hurting another person. However, I do understand that there is a financial burden we bear for uninsured people that seek medical treatment and do not pay their bills. I get that. But I also know very well that sometimes you pay for insurance and don't even use it. You've wasted money. Not only is that money wasted on you but you no longer have it to possibly use to help another person.

I haven't gone to the dentist, neither my husband or I, since 2007. For two years the insurance company was receiving monthly premiums from us for dental insurance and they spent ZERO dollars on us. That is money we could have used elsewhere.

For years my husband paid medical insurance and not once did he go to the doctor. When you make enough money to make it from pay check to pay check you decide how to prioritize your budget. When you are a healthy person you tend to take the gamble that you won't need medical treatment. The rare times you do go to a doctor you can save money in the bank and pay for the doctor visit or pay when the bill comes however you arrange to do that. You are gambling with your own health and finances.

The two times any of them have been to the doctor they have spent less total than they would have spent in the proposed fine our government has considered. They have certainly not felt the pain of jail and yet they still have paid their medical bills. Imagine that!

That our government would even consider this is frightening to me. How much control is our government allowed to have in our lives? I say.. only as much as we let them.

We need to first find a way to filter out those individuals that do take advantage. My daughter took her son into the county free clinic because he'd been very ill. She, as a single mom and waitress did not make alot of money but she made within twenty dollars too much to have her son seen at the clinic. In the waiting room was a neighbor who's husband worked as a roofer making two to three times as much money as my daughter but because there is no social security card, no record of employment they can say they don't have an income and get seen. THAT's one place they can start. Make it a requirement to be in this country legally.. I don't care who you are .. but pay taxes. Earn an honest living and if you are trying to make it and still need medical treatment then by God raise my taxes for those people but come on.. this guy made more than my daughter, me and my husband combined and they got free medical yet they turned my daughter and her sick son away.

My youngest daughter was still on her dad's insurance through the military when she got pregnant. She came of age that it would stop since she had finished school but she was assured they would see her through to the end of the pregnancy. Consequently she continued seeing the doctors she had been. Then she was notified in the last trimester of her pregnancy that despite what she was told the insurance would cease on her 21st birthday. She tried to get medical insurance and nobody would cover her because pregnancy is considered a pre-exsiting condition. Yes.. she was willing to pay for this, she felt this was her responsibility but she couldn't find a doctor that would take her with no insurance so she went to the county and she was denied because she's not a U.S. Citizen. Say ...what???

She IS a citizen of this country. She was born when we lived in Germany and her father was serving in the Army. When my children were born I was told they are granted citizenship based on the assumption that since both of her parents are citizens and we were there serving the country that it's reasonable to assume she will be a citizen too. However, when I came to the states I would have to contact INS or some place to get green cards for my children. Nobody, no matter who I called had a clue what I was talking about so I dropped it.

The cheapest way to make this right for the three kids of mine born over seas is to get them passports, the green card way is over $700.00. This to ensure that a child born to military parents abroad, serving their country are never denied what other's aren't. And then I must question.. if they could deny her because she didn't have a green card I TRIED to get ... will the government deny her insurance again by declaring that she's not technically a U.S. Citizen? Oh yeah.. remember that clinic? They weren't citizens either.

She had her baby five days after her insurance ceased and I believe medicaid did cover her for those five days and I think a six week check up.. after that she's had to pay for it. Which she was willing to do all along. She works in a military medical clinic now. The insurance they offer her is expensive so she is back to no insurance and gambling that she'll be okay. Afterall... she had to make a choice; pay her bills and get medical insurance OR.. pay her bills and feed her son.

Medical coverage for everyone seems like a good idea on the face of it. But for the government to FORCE us to buy something or pay a fine, or worse consider jail (which I don't think will go through but the fact is.... they considered it.) Forcing me to buy something that my budget says I can't afford at this moment is not the optimal choice. My kids all.. would end up in jail.

What bothers me even more is that the government would have to be far, far too far into our lives to determine if we should pay for medical insurance, be granted it, or suffer some kind of penalty.

Further more, I don't like the idea that a bill of this magnitude can be passed in such a short time. When do we the voters get a say in this? Oh, that's right.. the government seems to know what's best for me. Again, it will be a sad, sad day for our country if this bill does pass, it's already sad to think that anyone considered jail time for those with no insurance. Jail them if they incur a bill they are capable of paying and refuse to.. do something AFTER the fact but doing it before hand is plain wrong.

Where in our constitution does it say that the government can demand we carry medical insurance?

Clean out the fraud and what's left? People seeking medical treatment that are trying to make a living and pay taxes in this country but can't afford it. Raise my taxes for those doctor visits but not to pay for people to be in jail, or pay for the oversight it takes for the fines, none of that crap.

Posted at 11/13/2009 11:41:29 am by WhisperedWords
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