Entry: Just a few rants Friday, August 24, 2012

Apparently Donald Trump Tweeted that childhood shots given in the manner they are given causes autism. I haven't seen the actual tweet so it's not quoted exactly but you get the gist of what he's said. I haven't figured out why this is newsworthy since he's not the first to say such a thing.
What I can't help but wonder is who would listen to someone like Donald Trump who has wonderfully healthy children, is not a doctor and as such only has an opinion. Something we are all entitled to have. So.. what makes this newsworthy? I suspect nobody would have given it a second thought if he wasn't planning on speaking at the Republican Convention? Just a thought.
Speaking of conventions.. is it me or does this election seem more like a circus? Are we honestly to believe that when ads are put out by a pac that the person running for office can't speak up and say something as small as, "I don't condone that message." And do so immediately because to wait days to say something looks to me like all you are doing is trying to save face after you've seen the backlash from an offensive ad. I know a candidate can't be involved with what a pac does but they sure can speak their mind on whether or not they agree with something! Not being involved is far different from remaining silent. Consequently silence suggests acceptance.
On another front I'm beyond tired of atheists trying to remove our religious symbols, sayings, prayers from seemingly everything. The group is called Freedom From Religion but the right of everyone in this country is Freedom OF Religion. As a Christian one should be tolerant but tolerance shouldn't mean we have to step back and have our right to express our religious beliefs stripped away. Let's all co-exist peacefully!
I'm getting off here for now. I'm sure if I keep on with my rants I'll upset someone and come across as being disrespectful but actually I'm not. I understand people have differing opinions from mine and frankly I welcome them as long as people are respectful. You might think my opinion is totally stupid as I might totally disagree with your opinion but nobody has to get their feelings hurt, get their dander up or their knickers in a bunch.. however you want to word it.
For now I'm out of here.. Peace.


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October 24, 2013   11:21 PM PDT
Over the years, I rely on Trump's business sense and opinions but not on his views on life and love. Glad to have come across this post.
April 29, 2013   04:54 PM PDT
"The fact that I'm silent, does not mean that I have nothing to say."
- Jonathan Carroll
August 24, 2012   10:36 AM PDT
I've always found it ironic that the people who speak most about speaking out and having free speech are the very ones who get offended when others with an opposing view speak for what they believe.

This world is such a mess. I don't even know where to begin to fix any of it.

It's always been my personal belief that people can choose what they want for themselves and I don't always agree it's what I would choose for myself but I don't feel compelled to speak against it unless I'm asked directly for my opinion.

Too bad more people can't be this way. It seems we'd all get along a lot better if they were.

Have a good day! I added you to my list of blog friends and subscribed to your updates. I hope that's okay. Let me know if it's not. :)

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