Entry: .... Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There was a question posted on Facebook asking if people are watching the Republican Convention. I am. I'd like to make an informed decision. Thus far the comments on Facebook were poking fun at someone's last name. Others felt that watching Republicans making fools of themselves would be entertaining. For some reason, the one that stuck out was the person that felt a need to state she doesn't pay attention to politics so she doesn't care.

That's the person I feel the sorriest for. There are countries where you don't have a voice, you don't have a vote. The person that has the right to have a say and chooses not to use that voice only stifles themselves and suffers for their silence.

So please, Democrat or Republican alike, please CARE enough to know what is going on. To make an informed decision and use your voice and come November.. Vote.
Peace out..!


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September 20, 2013   05:13 PM PDT
It is great that you would want to be informed. Most people do not even care about these issues.

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