Entry: . Sunday, September 09, 2012

Finally we've had a respite from the humidity. The weather has cooled down considerably after yesterday's storm. I can go outside and breath at the same time!

I watched both of the conventions. What I could stay awake for at least. Seems like the Democratic one left me with the most to be concerned about. They both did but none so much as needing a 2/3's vote to put "God" back into the democratic platform for the convention. I'm not entirely sure what has me more baffled..That it needed voted on to start with or that people voted no. Or.. if the idea that there sure did not seem to be a 2/3rd's majority vote but it got changed anyway. That is not .. democracy.

I also find it odd that of the two conventions the one sentence that struck a cord with me? "We own this country." This statement coming from Clint Eastwood as he spoke to an empty chair. No matter your political affiliation, beliefs or tenets.. he's right. We own this country. To that end it's our duty to this country to take in all the facts, determine who is best..
And vote!


July 11, 2013   02:53 PM PDT
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December 24, 2012   02:19 PM PST
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September 20, 2012   01:16 PM PDT
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