Entry: Grow up.. Saturday, October 06, 2012

I read a couple of the comments posted here and I'm reminded why I often stay away. The spam is horrendous!

On to my post..

When a person chooses to have a child; better put.. lie about being on birth control (men, take heed.. it still happens) then one should choose to give up a life of carefree partying, drinking, and jail. It is time to grow up and set an example for the child because no matter what.. what mom says trumps what anyone else says. Sadly, its those taking care of the child, and even more.. your child that is paying the price for your indiscretions. In my humble opinion, a mother that chooses to live like that would garner more respect from me if she simply backed away and let the child try to have a good life... without your negative influence. At least until you grew up.


October 17, 2012   08:39 PM PDT
I agree. Far too many people think about themselves and what they want with absolutely no thought or concern to how their actions (or in-actions) will affect their children. It's such a shame.

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